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WA AG to sue Motel 6

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For assisting law enforcement.

Washington’s attorney general sued Motel 6 on Wednesday, alleging the national budget chain disclosed the private information of thousands of its guests to U.S. immigration authorities in violation of the state consumer-protection law.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson said motel employees divulged the names, birth dates, driver’s license numbers, license-plate numbers and room numbers of at least 9,150 guests to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents without a warrant. At least six people were detained on or near motel property during a two-year period.

Motel 6 was aware that the agents used the guest-registry information to single out guests based on their national origin in violation of Washington state’s anti-discrimination law, the state’s lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court alleged.

Ferguson said at least six Motel 6 locations in the state — all in the Puget Sound region and corporate-owned — provided the information without guests’ knowledge or consent. Washington’s Supreme Court makes it clear that guest-registry information is private, he said, and Motel 6 violated the law each time it gave out private information.

By the way, illegal entry to the US is a crime. Being present in the US without authorization is de facto guilt of it.
Glad to see Washington State standing up for privacy. I'm sure the AG takes AT&T to court regularly for passing information on everybody's internet usage to Intelligence Agencies without a warrant. No, hahahahaha, that's just to make sure that there are plenty of illegals taking US jobs while Virtue Signalling. Actual privacy can go hang.

Interesting how Washington State says it's honor-system voting results in no illegal voting, by the way. They can confirm this by turning to their statistics based on non-existent vetting of voters. They don't track it - but they know it doesn't happen.

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Motel 6? The hookers must have been complaining.
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There once was a Mexican who crossed the border.
He thought he was safe on Obama's executive order.
He sought refuse at a Motel Six, where he lived with ten others.
Hillary lost, Jose paid the cost, and Trump sent him back to his Mother.

We'll keep a light on for you...

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