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Stephen Miller versus Fake Yapper

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Miller takes control of the conversation, calls out Trapper on Condescending Attitude, blasts Bannon, trashes Fake Book.

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Maybe Trump should replace Miller with Ben "Flat Affect" Rhodes. That guy has a string of policy victories to celebrate.
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anonymous says
Donald Trump suggests he wants US law to limit free speech in wake of publication of explosive new book...

A lot of people think the Defamation Laws in the US are way too permissive when it comes to Famous Persons. UK law would be at the other extreme.

"Show your work."
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anonymous says
I say we go the route of Thailand and be done with it.

I'm so old I remember last year.

When one of the candidates was seen wearing unmistakeably special-tinted Siezure Sunglasses, had Coughing fits lasting a minute every stop, and we were told not to speculate she wasn't healthy. Look, here is two vague paragraphs on one-side of paper from her personal physician!

Then she collapsed head first into a vehicle on 9/11.

Now it's okay to speculate on mental illness from some trolling tweets.
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Miller should have shot Tapper in the face and finished his testimony.

Any jury would have burst into applause.
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Your perception is your reality

Trump defeated 17 of the best Republican candidates ever.

Lol. Does #FakeNews get any faker?

He defeated the Bush Dynasty. The Clinton Dynasty. The Media. Lol, sure he did. Except, he didn’t do any such thing

Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Jim Gilmore
Chris Christie
Carly Fiorina
Rand Paul
Rick Santorum
Mike Huckabe
George takai
Lindsey Graham
Bobby Jindal
Scott Walker
Rick Perry

As Trump himself said before, this is a sad sorry lot of Failed Losers who also happen to comprise The Swamp.

Now all of a sudden he took down Dynastys and defeated an amazing field. Too fucking funny

He didn’t defeat the Bush Dynasty. There was no more Bush Dynasty. The American people loathed those losers and most wanted to see Bush brought up on War Crimes

He didn’t defeat the “Clinton Dynasty “ either. As evidenced by the election of Trump, Great Americans would rather vote in a trust fund twit with a long history of financial crimes than vote for Hillary. Anyone but Hillary would have beat Hillary.

Trump is an excellent marketer. He’s sold many on a line of shit, so well that they’re still clinging to it to this day

Twump is MAGA!! Goo goo doo doo i just messed my diapers again. Trumpcucks are pathetic
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anonymous says
Hell, we have For Profit prisons that aren't even full yet

What national level political family is intimately connected with that?

The Democratic Candidate of 2016 was heavily financed by Private Prisons, who have always been big Clinton boosters.
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anonymous says

FTR, I disagree, but that's funny AS.

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