What Was Verifiably Great About America: Fragments Of A Memoir Set To A Musical Soundtrack
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What Was Verifiably Great About America: Fragments Of A Memoir Set To A Musical Soundtrack

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Having been born in a coal and steel company town but destiny delivered, as an adult, to reside, during extended intervals, in the East and West Coast cities of Los Angeles and New York City, and, at present, the continent of Europe, I have come to conclude the following.

People born into situations providing economic advantage, both liberals and conservatives alike, experience difficulty, more often than not, envisaging the lives of those born into a labouring class existence.

Worse, a wilful obtuseness, in combination with a supercilious posture is, all too often, evinced, by reflex, towards those scorned as “hillbillies,” “trailer trash,” and “genetic retreads.”

Among groups possessing economic advantage, a lack of curiosity prevails as to the nature of the lives of individuals who have spent their lifetime subjected to the life-defying tyrannies of full-spectrum, company town capitalism.

Life circumstances, under the present, neoliberal order, that are, in all but rare cases, intractable; wherein, the meagre and fraught with economic instability livelihoods earned as a mine, mill, factory worker, and, in the service industry economy in the US wage and debt slave archipelago of fast food outlets, Big Box retailers and Dollar Discount stores, and as a domestic worker.

This presents, for the vast majority of workers, the degrading, anxiety-inducing option of submitting to low pay, no benefits, long hours of tedious, vastly under-compensated labor or facing homelessness and hunger.

Full Article: https://off-guardian.org/2017/12/21/what-was-verifiably-great-about-america-fragments-of-a-memoir-set-to-a-musical-soundtrack/

NOTE: There are about a half dozen very nice music video links in the OP by a variety of artists and genres..


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Might wanna check your extreme run-on sentences. They’re making your point very hard to discern from the bad grammar.

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