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I am an actor, you are an actor-so we need to be paid the same-to hell with talent,box office-communism here we come

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Director Ridley Scott reportedly didn't know that Mark Wahlberg was pocketing millions of dollars for the "All The Money in the World" reshoots. He feels betrayed, angry and "hung out to dry" about being in the dark, especially considering the pay discrepancy between the film's two stars.
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She didn’t negotiate for reshoot pay very well. Maybe they gave her a percentage of the movie instead? If not, she needs to fire her agent.
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This is what happens everywhere. Most women that are underpaid never even try to negotiate. They just accept it and bitch about being lowballed. What were they supposed to do after she offered to do it for free? Offer her 1.5 million because Mark Wahlberg was'nt stupid enough to not charge them for his time?
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How will these whackjobs compete against the Chinese?
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Why would anyone pay to watch movies when patrick.net is so entertaining? It's Free,just no ready popcorn! ;-)
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theoakman says
This is what happens everywhere. Most women that are underpaid never even try to negotiate.

I honestly think it's biological. Women are just not wired for direct conflict the way men are. Women work more in a subtle back-stabbing way, which can also be effective. I don't mind, that's just the way it is.

Case in point: men evolved larger jaws exactly because they were much more prone to socking each other in the jaw, and a broken jaw could easily have been fatal in prehistoric times. You can't chew, you die. So the guy with the bigger jaw leaves more descendants on average.
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I used to work with a girl that also taught physics. She could easily get a 20k raise if she would apply to other teaxhing jobs. Tried to convince her to apply. It would require her to give up tenure in her district. She refuses and wants them to just give her the same raise at her district. The Contract forbids it so it's not even possible. Yet she continued to just hope for something to happen that can't.
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Usually women just try to marry more money..

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