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“Trump would be wise to heed this advice: Never put anyone in a position where they’ve got nothing left to lose.”

By HEYYOU following x   2018 Jan 11, 12:58pm 580 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

At any time Bannon can publicly attack the Trump clan & point out Trumps failures to the Red Neck White Trash base.

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This is exactly what Trump and Breitbart needed. A full separation from Bannon. Bannon, like GAB allowed the Liberals to send LARP'ers in to his circle or claim to be part of it. Spout of pro Nazi and KKK rubbish, and claim to be Alt Right and what Bannon is all about. I call these pussies out all the time over at GAB. They aren't fooling anyone.

Bannon can champion pro MAGA agenda candidates through his own ventures. While Trump and Breitbart wont be on the hook when he surrounds himself with NYT staffers and Yale community organizers with Nazi armbands on Soros payroll.

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