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Fiat Chrysler to invest more than $1 billion in Michigan plant, plans $2,000 bonus for U.S. employees

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Wait, didn't the Dems say the tax bill was a give-away to the 1%, who knew Fiat Chrysler workers are in the 1%.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said late Thursday it plans to invest more than $1 billion to modernize a plant in Michigan to make the next generation of its Ram heavy-duty trucks by 2020. The production of the trucks will be relocated to the Michigan factory from a plant in Mexico, Fiat Chrysler said. The move will create 2,500 new jobs, the company said, adding the announcement was made possible in part by the U.S. tax overhaul.

In the same statement, Fiat Chrysler said it will pay a $2,000 bonus to about 60,000 hourly and salaried U.S. employees, excluding senior executives, in the second quarter.

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So sad that a bunch more US workers will be getting good paying jobs.. Can we impeach Trump yet?

Fiat Chrysler hailed the corporate tax cut as a big reason for investing $1 billion in its Warren Truck plant to build heavy duty Ram pickups now assembled in Mexico.

But the Trump administration's threat to walk away from the North American Free Trade Agreement was at least as big a factor, an industry scholar told the Free Press.

About 80% of the Rams now built in Mexico are shipped to the U.S., said Kristin Dziczek, director of the industry, labor and economics group at Ann Arbor's Center for Automotive Research.

"With all the uncertainty surrounding NAFTA, it just makes sense to do this and eliminate the potential negative impact," she said.

Dziczek said hiring isn't as hard as it may seem.

The Auburn Hills automaker also has pockets of workers who may be on layoff status at engine plants in Trenton and Dundee, as well as at an axle plant in Marysville, Mich.

(so sad, laid off workers will be going back to work)

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So sad it has nothing to do with the tax cut and everything to do with getting out before the blowing up nafta Be sure to let us know how all the exporters to mexico make out when nafta collapses.
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another example of giving 10% keeping 90% of the tax saving. but who can do the math? that's the question.

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