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How hard do you think it was for Lefty Cook to admit this?

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Straight out of the horses mouth.

Apple brought back $250 billion of off shore cash at the cost of paying a one-time $38 billion dollar bill.
They are going to open up a second campus with an individual impact of 20,000+ JOBS (many of which would have gone overseas under Obama).

Lefty rag Business Insider was FORCED to ADMIT that the total job impact could be 2,000,000+ jobs added to the economy by 2020.

Stock market has gained 1000 points in the past 8 days.

Consumer confidence at highest levels in over a Decade.

Jobless claims at lowest levels since 1973.

ACA dead.

Paris Accords dead.

Democrats are concentrating on Trump eating cheese burgers and fries, Hollywood is too busy raping each other, and the #MAGA train keeps on rolling.

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Irrational exuberance- The only way is up.
What will all the new jobs pay?
Will they pay enough to pay off the $1,5000,000,000,000 additional Trump/Republican debt?
Some go thru life with blinders on.

New $15.00/hour jobs and pittance bonuses will cover everyone's part - $62,805.
More debt is MAGA.

"Today’s Federal Debt is $20,493,324,536,905.96.

The amount is the gross outstanding debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury since 1790 and reported here.

But, it doesn’t include state and local debt.

And, it doesn’t include so-called “agency debt.”

And, it doesn’t include the so-called unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare."

Who loses when debt is not repaid?

Federal Debt per person is about $62,805.
Tell the people that you owe that debt is not important.
They will let you keep your house,cars,toys & credit cards.

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