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Can we not have not have a decent immigration system? Or does everything we do need to exclusively benefit democrats?

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Why can't we just adopt Canada's immigration system:
You get points, they take the top N% to hit their immigration targets for the year. Why is suggesting we do something similar racist?

We shouldn't even be debating dreamers at this point. Lets first have an immigration system that makes sense. Then we can evaluate dreamers or their parents or anyone else that wants to come here or is here and decide if they get to stay.

And I don't want to hear sob stories about fairness or being nice. For every dreamer that's here illegally, I can find 100 people back in their home country that's worse off. How's it fair to those people?

The fact that we're only talking about just kicking the criminal dreamers out is a pure policy failure. What about the morons? Why do we have to put up with people we wouldn't let in here ordinarily just because they broke the law?

And don't even get me started on the 14th amendment. How is granting citizenship to any kid that manages to be born here no matter the parent's status a good idea? Is this the NFL or something, you just have to get the tip of the football past the goal line? Same with wet foot / dry foot. WTF do we play these stupid immigration games?
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The Canadian system is not that bad, except for that cuck Trudeau has been welcoming rapefugees in droves. If they would stop doing that it's actually a decent system.

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