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Adobe Plans New Hiring after it says it’s expecting lower tax rates

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Adobe expects its tax rate to be around 11 percent, below its guidance of about 21 percent, through 2018.

The tech company said that it's expecting an 11 percent tax rate, excluding certain items, through all four quarters of its 2018 fiscal year, which will end on Dec. 1. The company was previously expecting a 21 percent tax rate for the fiscal year.

Additionally, in the 2019 fiscal year Adobe expects the tax rate to "stabilize" at around 18 percent, which is still below the company's 2017 fiscal year tax rate of 21 percent.

"The new Tax Act is lowering Adobe's effective tax rates, driving a significant increase in our earnings per share targets," outgoing Adobe CFO Mark Garrett said in a statement. "With ready access to our offshore cash, we will continue to evaluate investment opportunities to grow our business and we are actively expanding our campuses in the Bay Area and Utah to accommodate the growth of our employee base."

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"So What?! Stupid Orange Douche Drumpf Dotard, none of this matters!" - Americant Losers
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anonymous says

That's also the reaction most voters will have when they see a DNC candidate during the midterms.

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