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When you bleat empty rhetoric with no basis in reality, you lose.

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Pelosi 'Trump Brings Tears To The Eyes Of The Statue Of Liberty’
1886: Unveiling of the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World
Immigration Act of 1924 (38 years later) - restricted immigration to the USA from Eastern and Southern Europe.
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willywonka says
Immigration Act of 1924
And was superseded 41 years later by RFK's Immigration Act of 1965 which closed off immigration from Western Europe and opened immigration to Eastern Europe from which come lots of malcontents and anarchists and African countries which send lots of people with personal problems who will be the least likely to assimilate and become wards of the then young welfare state of the Great Society that will sign them up for generational government handouts, providing (they thought) a permanent base for the Democratic party.

The Housing Trap
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