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Great question, the answer is obviously hell yes.
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These States Have the Highest Auto Insurance Premium Increases After a Claim

Auto insurance companies portray themselves as friendly and forgiving in television commercials, but they are less friendly than you might think. After filing just one claim, car insurance premiums increase by an average of 41.81%, according to an annual study by insuranceQuotes and Quadrant Information Services.

Just how much insurance rates are increased depends on the state where you live. See how your home state compares to others in the chart below.

States with Highest Rate Increase After one Claim

1. New Hampshire: 65.9%

2. California: 63.2%

3. Rhode Island: 61.7%

4. Massachusetts: 60.9%

5. Iowa: 56.5%

States with Lowest Rate Increase After one Claim

1. Kentucky: 19.4%

2. Tennessee: 20.1%

3. Michigan: 22.2%

4. Oklahoma: 23.4%

5. West Virginia: 27.8%

New Hampshire is in a league of its own. Although the state’s average annual premium of $733 is below the national average of $841, it more than makes up for it with a 65.9% rate increase after filing one claim, the highest percentage increase in the nation. After the rate hike, premiums in New Hampshire average $1,216.

More: https://howmuch.net/articles/auto-insurance-premium-increase-after-claim
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depends on how good they suck

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