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JHK has no idea about any evidence Mueller has on Democrats & Republicans.

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This part caught my eye.
"Last week’s market action was a downer for sure. The melodrama of imploding valuations and counterparty obligations has just begun. It’s going to continue through the year, and the nation will face some truly existential dilemmas that may actually require some attention."

Good luck with that.

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How's Kunstler's little garden. The apocalypse seems to be a bit delayed yet again. I saw his plot, he's gonna need a whole lot more turnips and beets if he wants to survive the Great Lactation or whatever it's called.
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I've read plenty of prepper post.
Being prepared is not conspiracy for me. Having a big garden,now,that produces more than two people can eat,can,freeze,dehydrate. Have considered freeze dryers. We sell & give away the surplus to the food bank.
We have 12 chickens that produce more eggs than we can eat.
There is a little Friday Farmers Market where we sell the surplus,making more than enough to cover all our cost.
A 30 X 50 ft. area with 13 x 22 pvc dome green house with only 2/3 open area planted in raised beds,the rest in walkways, takes a while to establish but well worth the effort. Once established it's not hard work. A small area can supply more food than many realize.

The problem for most is that it takes time & work & it interferes with sitting on their asses.
"Be Prepared" is a good idea if there is a collapse or MAGA & the food's not bad.

I know that everyone doesn't have time or space but, "Homegrown tomatoes,Homegrown tomatoes,nothing in the world like Homegrown tomatoes!"
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All True.

I'm not criticizing you but Kunstler. His garden is pretty damn small, esp. for somebody with a short growing season in upstate NY who holds the total ruination of normalcy as a likely imminent possibility.

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