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Nationstar Mortgage rebrands as Mr. Cooper

By Automan Empire following x   2018 Feb 9, 11:45am 913 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Nationstar Mortgage rebranded to the unlikely moniker Mr. Cooper. It wasn't a spontaneous or quick decision; they have had this in the works since early 2016, and finally took it live.

The name sounds creepy, like D.B. Cooper, or some have said pervy. Whatever the first impression, it sounds very un-mortgage-like.

People have been flooding the customer service lines and internet when they receive their first bill or statement with the new brand, thinking it's a scam.

Total WTF move on the part of this company. Discuss?
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Not the first weird rebranding. My personal favorite is Racuten: they paid shitload of money for Buy.com (which at that moment was a number 2 e-commerce site behind Amazon.com) and then renamed the site Racuten.com. Who the fuck gives up domain with name like "buy.com" for shitty name like "racuten"?
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Automan Empire says
Total WTF move on the part of this company. Discuss?

My mortgage was sold to Nationstar after 3 years. What a total shithole company. I immediately refied with a different company to get the hell away from them.

Also, it's true, they advertised that name change a year ago. Unfortunately, the sheep are so asleep, they don't see the obvious until it hits them square in the face.

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