Seattle to Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash
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Seattle to Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash

By Patrick following x   2018 Feb 13, 8:27pm 93 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Following years of resistance from citizens, the city of Seattle has decided to completely remove controversial surveillance equipment – at a cost of $150,000. In November 2013, Seattle residents pushed back against the installation of several mesh network nodes attached to utility poles around the downtown area. The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington and privacy advocates were immediately concerned about the ability of the nodes to gather user information via the Wi-Fi connection. ...

The nodes were purchased by the Seattle Police Department via a $3.6 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The Seattle Police Department argued the network would be helpful for protecting the port and for first-responder communication during emergencies. As the Times notes, “the mesh network, according to the ACLU, news reports and anti-surveillance activists from Seattle Privacy Coalition, had the potential to track and log every wireless device that moved through its system: people attending protests, people getting cups of coffee, people going to a hotel in the middle of the workday.”
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You mean that some people don't like Big Brother but continue to vote for the two Parties that don't put a stop to all the invasion of privacy.
They are really glad that no private corporations can spy on them thru phones,computers,financial transactions.

Aliens that come to earth call it" The Fucking Nuts Rock".
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Was there not an "off" switch?

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