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Bumblast Fest 2018 at the Gaylord

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This NRA moron sounds like he took one too many reamings up the backside last night. He’s giddy. Cumtoxmosis
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After a truly horrifying event, common sense normal Americans reacted in a typical way. They were horrified, and spoke out. They were emotional as they asked for lawmakers to do something about it.

That sold soul twit LaPierre claimed that he was horrified by the tragedy at Parkland, but he then immediately attacked the people who reacted in a normal and horrified manner. He claimed that these normal Americans were opportunists. LaPierre's behavior is predictably disgusting.

And yes, he does sound like a cum guzzling gutter slut. He makes Lindsey Graham seem like a combination of Schwartzenegger and Stalone.
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Cum guzzling gutter slut is right.

Keep your Crap in France, Frenchie. Let us real Americans handle this.

Quit using the murder of 17 Americans as a fucking commercial to sell more guns for the POS Failed Loser gun corporations, Pepe La Pierre
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Stop blaming the NRA for failed gun control efforts

Once again, many of the angry responses to the latest mass shooting focus on blaming the NRA.
But the NRA's influence and financial power is widely overstated.
Advocates for reducing gun violence fail by focusing on fighting the NRA instead of winning over the public with specific proposals.

You know how the argument goes. The "conventional wisdom" is the NRA's heavy spending stops hundreds of politicians from enacting the "common sense" gun control laws they and everyone else would otherwise support.

There's only one problem with that theory. It's all wrong.


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