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The way Politics are supposed to work

By Tenpoundbass following x   2018 Feb 27, 10:14am 396 views   1 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

The two guys with the best national policy ideas compete head to head to become the commander in chief to implement their policies using the Congress they were given.

The Senate and House representatives are sent by their local constituency to lobby for the best economic conditions for their local regions around the country. Congress is not sent there to affect policy for the Country, or craft over reaching bills and Vanity Acts that has a broad reach across the country in sweeping economic and social changes. Those policies are best initiated by the President and they vote yes or no. Or use those bills to slide their bills in that best affect and stimulate their local economies.

This has all flipped on its head the last 18 years.
Everyone in congress acts like they are little Jr. Presidents, little replicas with the same power and responsibility as the President. Now even lower court Judges think they can legislate over reaching laws from the bench that Trump's any the President can introduce.

That's not how this works, the Law isn't interpretative Art.
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So then how do you explain The War on Drugs

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