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Your children aren't bees,so feed them all the chemically polluted food you want. It's all good.

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Eat your honey & GMO grain biscuit my precious children.


"We have been playing Russian Roulette with the future of our bees for far too long. EU member states must now support a tougher ban on all outdoor use of these three bee-harming chemicals—a move that is fully justified by this report."
—Sandra Bell, Friends of the Earth Europe

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That swine is really good with a honey biscuit.

“Pure insane crazy madness” is how Coudray described the continuing use of nitrates and nitrites in processed meats, in an email to me. The madness, in his view, is that it is possible to make bacon and ham in ways that would be less carcinogenic. The most basic way to cure any meat is to salt it – either with a dry salt rub or a wet brine – and to wait for time to do the rest. Coudray notes that ham and bacon manufacturers claim this old-fashioned way of curing isn’t safe. But the real reason they reject it is cost: it takes much longer for processed meats to develop their flavour this way, which cuts into profits."


Bet no one here has an idea about hog killing & curing swine with salt without making the meat too salty. Takes an ar-tist!
All the chemically treated ham,sausage & bacon magically appear in the meat cooler from people that don't give a fuck about anyone's health.
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Fucking bee huggers. Almost made me upchuck my nitrate ham sandwich.

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