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Sinking land will exacerbate flooding from sea level rise in Bay Area

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Hazard maps use estimated sea level rise due to climate change to determine flooding risk for today's shoreline, but don't take into account that some land is sinking. A precise study of subsidence around San Francisco Bay shows that for conservative estimates of sea level rise, twice the area is in danger of flooding by 2100 than previously thought. Some landfill is sinking 10 mm per year, threatening the airport and parts of Silicon Valley.

Rising sea levels are predicted to submerge many coastal areas around San Francisco Bay by 2100, but a new study warns that sinking land -- primarily the compaction of landfill in places such as Treasure Island and Foster City -- will make flooding even worse.
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Patrick says
Rising sea levels are predicted to submerge many coastal areas around San Francisco Bay by 2100,

Al gore said flooding would come a lot sooner. The alarmists are now Pushing the predictions out where no one can check.
We should get "the big one" before then and a big chunk of Cali will be underwater.
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I’m glad that the ‘revised’ models now show I have nothing to worry about in my lifetime.

It will be newsworthy when a bank won’t write a loan for a specific parcel specifically because they fear that it will be submerged.
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One of my colleagues bought a house in Foster City couple of years ago. The people who went to his housewarming party said that there was a knee-high rectangular "hump" covered by carpeting right in the middle of the living room of that house. They said that according to the owner that "hump" contained some kind of equipment which needed to be in that exact spot but couldn't be buried under the floor because of ground water being just inches under the surface. I still have no idea what that "equipment" could be (some kind of sump pump maybe?) but I find the whole situation knee-slapping hilarious.
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Patrick says
but don't take into account that some land is sinking.

Oh crap, that kinda kills the whole "ice melting, sea rise" hoax.

Feux Follets says
it has nothing to do with the weight of the water pushing down on the land surface.

Patrick says
primarily the compaction of landfill i

How about the weight of the buildings on the coasts and the amount of water pulled from the aquifiers to supply all these new buildings causing the ground to sink?

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