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Reader Sightings on the State of Flyover - Naked Capitalism, Updating Constantly Today, 230 comments and counting - Worth A Read !

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This is a long-winded intro to soliciting reader input into what they see as the economic trajectory over longer timeframes (five years plus) of “below the top 20%” areas they visit often enough to have a good feel for how they are doing. For instance, from reader Daniel G via e-mail:

I also use my trips to WV as a barometer of the economy. During the housing bubble recent house maintenance was more evident and many new vehicles were in driveways. Even with today’s apparent bubble in auto loans there still is not the same prevalence of new cars/trucks as in 2007. And housing maintenance is not as prevalent. Huzzah, recovery.

Please weigh in if you have some intel! Thanks!


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For those that haven't taken a look there are some really insightful and informative comments from all around the country once you wade past the political bullshit ala Patnet interspersed between the decent stuff.

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