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Why are Democrats mad at Republicans we're not the ones keeping them locked out of the Democratic process?

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Bernie Sanders is back in the Senate minority. Hillary Clinton is selling books and playing with grandchildren. And the Democratic Party is still navigating the fallout from their bitter 2016 presidential nominating fight.

The latest reminder came this week as party leaders failed to agree on how to reduce the influence of so-called “superdelegates” in picking Democrats’ next White House nominee. That class of party leaders — Democratic National Committee members, elected officials and others — overwhelmingly favored Clinton two years ago, inflaming Sanders backers who accused Democratic power players of stacking the deck.

Democratic national Chairman Tom Perez is promising the party will curtail superdelegates’ role at the 2020 presidential nominating convention, but he’s been unable to broker a shift he says is needed to avoid charges of favoritism that dogged Clinton.

A key Democratic National Committee panel this week opted to delay specific action until this summer. Instead, the full DNC on Saturday is expected to ratify a generic commitment to reduce superdelegates’ “perceived influence.” That essentially repeats a deal that Clinton and Sanders negotiated ahead of the party’s 2016 convention in Philadelphia.
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Another Gay Urban Kreative Klasser mad at Bernie for 'hurting Hillary's chances'


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