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Five unsolved mysteries of Fukushima

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Seven years after the great meltdown, the causes and reasons for related systemic failure remain cloudy. Until these mysteries are resolved, the future of Japan’s nuclear industry is uncertain.

Despite three independent investigations, there is still no consensus on what actually caused the meltdowns.

These are not idle questions.

“Without solving the ‘mysteries’ of Fukushima, it is impossible to say we have learned ‘the lessons’ of Fukushima,” says Caitlin Stronell, a researcher for the Citizens Nuclear Information Center.

Those lessons are critical to create new regulations and designs to make reactors safer. The governor of Niigata, site of a massive nuclear power complex, says he will not green light any restart until all lessons are learned. But it could be years before there is any kind of certainty.

Below are five of the most significant unresolved “mysteries” of Fukushima:

1. What actually caused the disaster?

2. Where did Unit 1’s hydrogen explosion occur?

3. What happened to the melted cores?

4. Was there a hydrogen explosion at Unit 2?

5. How did contaminated water get in the turbine building?

Why the mysteries must be solved

For now, the overall consensus is that the tsunami caused the meltdowns, although there are high-profile dissenters, such as the Niigata governor.

But it seems unlikely that workmen will be unable to enter the stricken plants for years. Until they do, and the answers to the questions above are provided to the satisfaction of all, the future of nuclear power – which still accounts for 20% of Japan’s electric power – will remain uncertain.


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The picture below can be enlarged to see all the detail in this link: http://wpmedia.news.nationalpost.com/2011/03/fo0316_reactor4.jpg?quality=65#038;strip=all&w=940&h=1781

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