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Everyone knows how dangerous Killer Weed is.

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"Willie Nelson once said, “[Cannabis] won’t kill you unless you let a bale of it fall on you.” Bill Murray Tweeted in June 2014, “I find it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it.” Their fame doesn’t make them right, but facts do. No one has ever died of a cannabis overdose."

Quit talking & typing & roll one!

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"An overdose on marijuana is dissimilar to overdoses on other drugs because marijuana consumption, in and of itself, is not life-threatening. But using too much of the drug can have hazardous results, which may increase the risk of death.

For instance, someone who consumed a lot of marijuana may be unaware of his or her environment, which can lead to accidents or falls. Furthermore, marijuana intoxication has been linked, in some studies, with psychosis,3 a condition in which the individual is disconnected with reality, typically resulting in hallucinations, delusions, or extreme paranoia. A person who is having a psychotic episode may put him or herself in dangerous situations due to confusion or detachment.

Another factor that can lead to overdose is mixing drugs. When buying marijuana on the street, you never know what it could be laced with. Dealers have been known to lace marijuana with other drugs, such as PCP, crack, or cocaine, without informing the buyer.2

Further, some users may intentionally mix marijuana with other drugs to enhance the high. This practice also increases the risk of adverse effects and overdose."

So, there, what about deaths RELATED to cannabis use and overdose.
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In most cases, drinking alcohol is not life-threatening. However, when people consume too much alcohol, it can be fatal. The CDC reports that nearly 88,000 alcohol-related deaths occur each year. And binge drinking accounted for about half of these deaths.

In comparison, the number of deaths caused by marijuana is almost zero. A study found that a fatal dose of TCH, the potent chemical in marijuana, would be between 15 and 70 grams. To give you an idea of how much marijuana that is, consider that a typical joint contains about half a gram of marijuana. That means that you would have to smoke between 238 and 1,113 joints in a day to overdose on marijuana. That’s a lot of joints.

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Legalization will actually increase documentation of cannabis related deaths, because it is no longer a pariah statistic.
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Suicide by Ganga!
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Because of the way cannabis is absorbed, and the systems it interacts with, it is impossible for an overdose to ever occur. That doesn't mean your contaminated cannabis, or the butane from your lighter won't kill you, just that cannabis by itself cannot.
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Ceffer says
When buying marijuana on the street, you never know what it could be laced with. Dealers have been known to lace marijuana with other drugs, such as PCP, crack, or cocaine, without informing the buyer.

I never understood this anecdote/allegation. Some street dealer decided to sell you a joint for a couple dollars but thought they'd like to throw in some much more expensive drugs for free?

More likely it seems, is that the unexperienced person took a few drags, got really stoned, and said, "That MUST'VE been LACED!". The so-called "street dealer" doesn't even get the satisfaction of repeat business in the urban legend version.

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