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There are definitely men who want to get married and want families. What's generally been exposed is how often women just regard men as a means to an end, and when they have gotten what they want, the marital contract allows them to go full predator mode on the man, which they routinely do.

I like a comment I read, "If she SAYS she loves you, but she still fully expects you to support her and her lifestyle unilaterally, then just think what her attitude is going to be if she doesn't think she loves you any more".

And: "Men get married thinking their wives will never change, and they do. Women get married thinking that men will change, or, the women will change the men, and they don't".

Marriage is generally mutually assured delusion based on a blindsiding hormonal optimism assault. Nature only cares about fooling the parties long enough to accomplish reproduction with some reasonable support of the whelps for a reasonable period of time.
When the hormones wear off, and you start to see each other with better reality, you should hope to have some foundation at least for remaining friends.

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