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AirBnB Guest Suing Condo Associations - How Often Does it Happen? Are Guests Victimizing HOAs, Condominium Trusts and Other Management Organizations?

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Niece called

Asshole in small condo'ed building needs all unit owners to sign a waiver approving the use of asshole's unit for short term rentals to comply with upcoming city regulations to register all such properties.

Lots of problems, including people looking these places up and breaking the windows and slashing owners' tires for bringing in shitfaced tourists, rapists, etc. usual holiday making shit and taking up all the parking spaces.

Question: have lawyers come up with theories of liability to attack condominium trusts and their trustee/unit owners yet on behalf of AirBnB guests who are suing for injury, loss of entertainment, third party damages like shitfaced tourists shooting out the windows of neighbors' cars, etc.?
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Hate HOAs with passion.

If you want boatload of unnecessary drama in your life... buy in HoA. I am talking from experience.
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This is just weird. Guy has a room he can fit a person and a chair in and he's Conrad Hilton.

Worse: One of the units is owned or managed by a family trust management firm associated with a wealthy family you'd know if you heard their name. Worse, the name of the family's trust advisors show up on the tax assessor's office roll pointing to them as owners as well as the couple.

I recognized the name of the trust management outfit. Any lawyer looking for resources to lien on would, too.

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