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Mueller: Rick Gates spoke to person with Russian spy ties in late 2016

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Not to worry Trumpbots. Nothing to see here.


Rick Gates, a senior official on President Donald Trump’s campaign, was in contact in September and October 2016 with an associate who the FBI assessed had ongoing ties to Russia's intelligence services, special counsel Robert Mueller said in a new court filing.

In a federal court filing Tuesday, Mueller described the associate of Gates and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort as “Person A” and said Gates was aware of the person’s links to the GRU intelligence service. The individual has been identified in news reports as Konstantin Kilimnik, a longtime business associate from Manafort’s days working on behalf of a Kremlin-aligned Ukrainian political party.

Kilimnik’s suspected ties to Russian intelligence have been established, but it was not previously known whether those links continued into 2016. Manafort reportedly met with him at least twice that year, including in August, during a crucial stretch of the campaign.

Let the right wing spinning commence !
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