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Two reasons why the Dems aren't going to win big in the Midterms.

Reason #1:

Reason #2:

Three recent polls — conducted by CNN/SSRS, Quinnipiac University and Fox News —have shown Democrats losing their double-digit edge in generic congressional polling over the GOP. In two of the polls, Democrats experienced a double-digit drop in their lead from earlier polling.

Why it matters: There has been a lot of buzz about a blue wave that allows Democrats to retake the House in 2018, but these polls should give the left some pause. That's because Democrats will need to over-perform against a generic ballot to score big gains in the House since — as Nate Cohn at the NYT notes in a worthy read — gerrymandered congressional districts give the GOP a clear electoral edge heading into the fall.

By the numbers:

March 29: Democrats +6 — 50% to 44%
February 26: Democrats +16 — 54% to 38%
Quinnipiac University:

March 21: Democrats +6 — 49% to 43% for both the House and Senate.
December 5, 2017: Democrats +14 — 50% to 36% for the House and 51% to 37% for the Senate.
Fox News:

March 25: Democrats +5 — 46% to 41%.
October 25, 2017: Democrats +15 — 50% to 35%.

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By the way, anybody ever notice that Vegans have this weird spastic energy, like someone who drank a whole pot of coffee in an hour?
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Q-Pac had the Dems leading by in the teens this January, last month is was +10. Today, only three points.
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That's strange. I never call people animals to insult them, I call them Vegans.
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I don't think Trumponian politics scale with a small sample poll size.
Regardless what people say now. The closer it gets to November, the more Democrats ratchet up their Impeach Trump platform. It's not going to be any match for the great economic and domestic strides he is making in the right direction. People are tired of the stale partisan shit. The Democrats are going to over sale Impeach Trump by tipping their hand and showing they have nothing better to offer. In fact the contrary.
That same sample poll will still be polling 10+ Democrat because they don't want to admit they themselves know he is better than what they have to offer.
But the media drags out mass hysteria. Bitching about Trump is the new talking about last night's episode of Lost. Though nobody wants to admit they actually watch him.
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It's also telling how these Republicans are waiting until the last exit, to jump out of the car. As if just trying outright to hand their seat Democrats.
Knowing full well 5 and a half months is short time to get grassroot organization in a district that wasn't planning on contesting the existing Republican.

I'm surprised none of the GOP press has pointed this cheap act out. Even NPR was licking their chops, saying Ryan is dropping out because he doesn't think he could beat the Democrat contender. Which is bullshit, he's just giving it to them. He knows that Nehlen Nazi Larper would run and the Media will have a field day tying him to Trump and his supporters.
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Tenpoundbass says
It's also telling how these Republicans are waiting until the last exit, to jump out of the car. As if just trying outright to hand their seat Democrats.

My thoughts exactly.

You'd wonder why all these Republicans are jumping ship when they have the majority in the House and Senate and the Presidency, and have far more ability to make their constituents happy, unless their constituency all along was to serve the Deep State by being the controlled opposition.

I guarantee the AltLeft Fake News media won't contextualize the fact that Nehlen had made no Supremacist statements prior to the November Election, when he was endorsed by many who saw him as a means to unseat Ryan.

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