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Church workers face crucifixion from followers of Pilates, priest warns on Good Friday

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Church leaders, Church workers, Church supporters face crucifixion from the followers of a different creed, following Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus Christ, according to one Good Friday sermon by a prominent priest in India.

Father Magi Murzello, the rector of St. Andrews College in Mumbai, said these people declare through their actions the words of this false creed: “I believe in crucifying other, I believe in holy spite, embarrassing the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of gossip, the forgiveness of sin at least of those who cannot retaliate, the destruction of body and ‘striking’-ness everlasting.”
Murzello was nominated by the governor of the Indian state of Maharashtra to the Senate of the University of Mumbai, and St. Andrew’s college is considered the best in the city.
Using his own personal testimony, the priest remarked on the suffering the clergy face every day, both from those within and outside of the Church.
He related how his father once told him soon after his ordination that the people would “crucify him” in his work.
At first, he didn’t believe him, and in fact, said the early days of his priesthood were like a “honeymoon.”
But then, it began: “Lies, anonymous letters, slander, gossip and sometimes even physical threats” from members of the Christian community.
Murzello related the time someone started constantly sabotaging his motorbike by tampering with the brakes, cutting cables, cutting the wires of the headlights, and syphoning gasoline.
The priest spoke about the pain of a rumor that he - who did not drink - was an alcoholic.
“At first, I thought it was a joke. I laughed it out. But when it came up at different meetings, people making enquiries, is it true, I realized that someone is crucifying me with lies,” he said.
He said at one point he thought about leaving the priesthood, and now says, “Someone has to stand up and say: Enough!”
Murzello’s sermon came as Christians in India - making up around 2.3 percent of the total population - have faced growing discrimination by the country’s Hindu majority.


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