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Call the Malitia stop the invaders.

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I called Border Control Rio Grande Valley Sector 956-289-4800 Spoke to Luna 6# he says they are not going to let them cross the border He does not know where they are or when to expect them but he knows they are out there .You must press 1 for english .

Contact Officials now, tell them to #StopTheCaravan

Border Control Rio Grande Valley Sector 956-289-4800

Senator Ted Cruz South Texas Office 956-686-7339

Texas Governor Greg Abbott 512-463-2000 ICE 866-347-2423

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They are coming because they're afraid that Trump will shut that Guatemala exception that's been open for like two decades now, for a situation that no longer exists. Knowing that eventually they can hope for an amnesty.
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Note the raised fist, this is a Communist invasion. Suit up accordingly.

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I'm starting to wonder if this is a put up. And not necessarily by Lefties.

They really, really don't want those people to get turned away at the border. Because the world won't end when they are, and then the Mexican Government will be caught with it's pants down - it just gave them a free pass so long as they go to the States, and Mexican People DO NOT WANT Central American Refugees. What then with the Mexican Oligarchs do? Send them back to Central America? Then hypocrites. Let them stay? Public Outrage.

The Mexican attitude is like "That's our US laws to exploit. Find your own host. We don't want people from shitholes worse than ours flooding the country with their cheap labor."
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I sure many of the will find Eric Holders Fast and Furious assault weapons waiting for them. Cartels hate central Americans.

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