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South Korea is kicking America's ass

By Patrick following x   2018 Apr 8, 7:04pm 1,123 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Hello Patrick,

Will get back to the forum sometime in late April.

Am in walking distance of the new Samsung complex and mega factory. The U.S. better start building factories instead of fancy cutting edge office space. Truly impressive what is going on in this country. Stunning actually....we talk about doing, these guys are just doing and not talking.

The Samsung complex started over 20 years and they did this by putting in key infrastructure and buying up all of the necessary land before ever annoucning the factory, company built housing for the workers, shopping etc. all of which is in various stages of completion right now.

Simply fucking amazing, that is all I can find words for right now. I have been in shock and awe since I got here last week. Nothing like I remember from just a short while ago.

Watching Asian financial news daily - we need to really be concerned about trying to maintain whatever competitive edge we still have in some areas.

Americans need to wake up - quickly. The world is moving ahead at warp speed and we are going to get left sucking hind teat.

Catch you on the for later this month on the forum.

Feux Follets


Hello Patrick,

Yes, you can post with the note I am hanging out over here.

The bullet train from Seoul To Busan is above ground except for the portion from Pyeongtaek to Seoul which is all below ground. This is fucking amazing considering San Francisco can't handle a muni extension underground and the distance from Pyeongtaek to Seoul is considerable.

The more I see, the more I realize how far behind we are falling. The intrastructure here is world class and second to no one anywhere. Freeways, buses, trains etc - better than my last visit.

What is simply astounding is how fast all of this is happening and innovative things are.

I do not have spell check so you will have to check things. I am on a friends pc and English is the second language on here and I do not know enough Korean to decipher all of the commands.

The family I am staying has part of the clan owning a chip manufacturing facility and my host is a VP in the company but on paper only. Part of the Korean way of doing things - I can not explain it well right now.

Also on the flight over we flew directly over the arctic which was kind of neat. 787 dreamliner - what a way to go, very quiet plane.

Apple may have a cutting edge office building but the nuts and bolts of the shit like Samsung is putting up a few kilometers or less away from me as I type this is awe insipiring. Same with everything else I have seen.

We are losing the race - if we as a country don't get our shit together fast. These people are not taking no or being second - I told someone almost 20 years ago Hyundai automobiltes would give Japan trouble, no one believed me.

I will pass on more before I leave if I have time. This is a quiet time for me right now but I will be tied up the rest of this week.

If every American spent a few weeks outside of the U.S. and saw what is happening elsewhere - they would wonder what our elected officals have been doing the last 30-40 years.

Eating some great food here as well except for the soup I had the other day which was laced with hot peppers that almost put me down. Going back to asking first now and tasting after the explanation.


Feux Follets
1   HEYYOU   ignore (25)   2018 Apr 8, 8:40pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

S. Korea,China,etc. needs to thank all the Goddamn Republican & Democrat fools that have ever bought one imported item.
In full disclosure,I have some import products, making me a fool & making it easy to spot all the other hypocritical fools.
I hope this country goes thru an economic conflagration. Some of us are CASH & other valuable assets & no DEBT that can survive a massive depression.
The simplest are a great organic garden,free range chickens & a well with plenty of water. Of course your grocery store can't ever run out of stock.
Fuck Americans! I will only buy imported products that don't create any American jobs,going forward.
I will try not make any purchases from any R & D mom & pop businesses.
I will try to buy imports online to avoid sale taxes that could help anyone in their Redistribution Socialist America.
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What a competitive whirlwind. Somebody's got to be the best, they sure are par competitive with Apple on phones.
3   Reality   ignore (5)   2018 Apr 9, 3:51pm   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

If I were living in South Korea, I'd be bugging out after reading that piece. Remember what happened to those countries shortly after the Western Lefties praised them: Soviet Union in the early 1920's, Cuba after Castro revolution, Soviet bureaucracy in the early 1980's, Japan in 1989, Swedish socialism in the early 1990's, Chavez in Venezuela, China in 2008.

After the leftists heap so much praise on South Korea now, that unfortunately country will likely soon be turned into a giant glass parking lot or be "unified" (aka "Conquered") by the much poorer North Koreans. Koreans don't seem to understand that the very existence of South Korean prosperity is due to the historical division and contrast across the 38th parallell; if left to their own device, every single unified country of that type of culture will turn into a North Korean style dictatorship and abject poverty. Do you know that every single democratically South Korean president has been disgraced, tossed into prison or committed suicide after their presidential terms? How can that kind of system survive in the long run? That type of "well educated" "well-connected"/corruption culture literally cries out for the jackboot stumping on their faces.
4   Heraclitusstudent   ignore (2)   2018 Apr 9, 4:26pm   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

South Korea is currently in a sweet spot because:
1 - Smart, educated, and with a culture of super competitive hard work, humility, and self-sacrifice.
2 - not as expensive as US or Japan - so manufacturing of advanced electronics still exists
3 - they had more time under the capitalist system than China to develop.

If NK doesn't nuke them, they will be hit full force when China works its way up Samsung's ass.
Though of course they will work their way up Apple's.
So... we'll know soon enough whose kicking whose ass.
5   Patrick   ignore (1)   2018 Apr 13, 10:22am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Another report from Korea:

Hello Patrick,

Per the previous comments not so much Korea by itself but the entire region is a powerhouse that the average American is and has been grossly underestimating and despite all of the politcal rhetoric from either party this is where the next decades of "glory days "will be.

We are not going to recoup the heady days of the the 50s and 60s anytime soon again where we were on top of everything unless the over the top greed for quartely profits and exective compensation is resovled.

Peak American empire has passed for manufacturing etc. save for companies like Boeing and while I will not see the full results in my lifetime, we will in the not too distant future be at best on par with everyone else or possibly a comfortable and respectable second.

After I sent you the comments the other day I ran across several articles talking about how the U.S. is busy building Aps and Software Technology but these other countries are scooping it up legally (mostly) or illegally and building factories etc. or the hardware part while the U.S. continues to be a consumer driven economy.

We do have the spiffy office building though that looks like a spaceship and numerous overvalued startups of questionable value and profitablity though. Thankfully our competitors have chosen to build factories to emply Americans in America since our own companies seem unwilling or unable to do so always citing profit yet no one ever wants to addres what constttutes an adequate profit and what is in the best interest of the country overall.

Wall Street is not providing the answers, only a major postion of the greed that is rotting us from within.

This is dire news inded yet it was glossed over for the most part in MSM and other sources in the U.S. We are doing a stellar job in the U.S. at creating the software for new technology etc. but not putting the second part in place which is building products that are made possible as a result of that software.

Kind of sad actually to know we are the home of Facebook and other social meda but not the manufacturing and exporting powerhouse we have/had the capability to be. No one did this to us, we did these things to ourselves and will pay dearly in the decades ahead.

Their is a news channel here based or owned in China covering international business which is quite interesting.

Back to my temporary home base here in South Korea an entire new town is being constructed as I type this a kilometer or two away fom me.

Got caught in evening traffic last night and despite all of the improvements it was like a mini-version of the 405 in Los Angeles at rsh hour for a bit or the Bay Bride traffic coming into the city. Seoul of course is mch worse in the evening.

Ironcialy despite al of this good stuff going on unemploymet is up in some regions and the GM plant here may put many more out of work.

Much like the U.S. younger people have been chasing the wrong career paths and or degree and are scrambling to stay relevant.

Not enough time this morning to cover more and there is way more than can be conveyed in a few messages and will not be able to respond any more now while I am here.

Probably lot of speling errors so you may want to run spell check.

Feux Follets

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