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Google spies on you TEN TIMES more than Facebook and sells your info

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Facebook has hit the headlines in recent weeks over its handling of your private data, and now the shocking extent of information held by Google has been revealed.

In a series of tweets, one IT expert has laid out exactly what the search giant knows about him, dating back to 2008, which he describes as 'preposterous'.

It ranges from every place he visited in the past year to every website he clicked on, and even contained files deleted from his Google Drive cloud storage account. ...

Web developer Dylan Curran, based in Waterford, Ireland, decided to download both his Facebook and Google archives on Saturday.

The data held by the world's most popular social media site was fairly large, at around 600mb, equivalent to roughly 400,000 Word documents.

But this paled in comparison to Google's data file, which was 5.5gb, almost ten times larger. This is around the same size as three million Word documents.

Sharing his findings on Twitter, in a post retweed more than 150,000 times, he said: 'Want to freak yourself out? I'm gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it.'

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Email from a friend:

one of the problems in using manjaro and arch linux is that the rolling upgrades reset all your preferences to the defaults, meaning the spying is reinstated, and it is NOT allowed to, say, just not upgrade thunderbird or firefox, for example, -- ALL upgrades are tightly integrated, and if you refuse one, the entire upgrade transaction will usually be cancelled or impaired in some way that makes it dysfunctional due to dependency issues etc

If you do succeed in deleting one of more of the "upgrades", usually the overall system no longer works right or even at all for some functions

Google is becoming increasingly intrusive in all the options they impose on you, which are no longer really too "optional"

Sad that you can't even trust Linux these days.
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It seems that folks WANT to be spied on, if it adds to convenience.

All those "Hey Alexa" style devices are really just listening posts connected to the internet. I suppose on day we will have Facebook-style hearings about how these devices collected info (from orders and overheard conversations) to sell to 3rd parties. But people are gladly complying with this obvious invasion of privacy because they like saying "Alexa, play me some Bieber" or "Alexa, order my favorite pizza." Because everybody knows, if you are snuggling on the couch with your girl, you are as good as having the glans in the crevice if you can say "Hey Alexa, dim the lights and put on some Manilow."
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Mark Zuckerberg: 'Optimistic' AI tools to flag, remove hate speech on Facebook will be developed in 5-10 years

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Facebook Bans German Historian for Saying 'Islam Is Not Part of German History'

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Ppl, always use a VPN.

Save key URLs in a textfile.

If you use Google or Yahoo mail, delete all cookies/files, before and after login.

Also, do not fill in their profiles with your real name, real address, or real b-day.
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How much does the Republican intelligence apparatus spy on Americans?
Breaking News!
Republicans are in charge. It's on them.
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Secret surveillance software created by EX-SPIES is harvesting Facebook photos to create a huge facial recognition database that could be used to monitor people worldwide
Face-Int is said to contain the facial profiles of thousands of people worldwide
These were harvested from such online sources as YouTube and Facebook
Its creators say the software could lead to the identification of terror suspects
The controversial service is causing alarm among privacy activists, however
They say the database could be used to impinge on the rights of private citizens
It also raises concerns in the wake of the Cambridge Anlaytica data scandal
Mark Zuckerberg appeared before congress last week to appease the US government over its handling of user data

This will certainly be used to hunt down people who are not thinking officially approved thoughts. Maybe not today, but soon, and in many countries.

And you can't escape by not using Facebook, because you will be in photos uploaded by friends, and they will nicely attach your name to your photos just like Facebook encourages them to do.
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This is old:
"You bitchy little girls! Do something or STFU. Let me get you a crying towel."

It's not that many have nothing. It's that many will do nothing.


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