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How we can Safeguard High US Standards and Protect Consumers with Non-Tarif Trade Barriers

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1. Ban the ancient serif typesetting from all products sold in the US. All advertising and instructions for material must be printed in a Modern Font using Digital Technology.
Items containing outdated typographical standards like this will be rejected by Customs and returned to the port of origin at shipper's expense.

2. All Imported Appliances and Electronics must have UL certification AND certification that the instruction manual is accurate, comprehensible by the lay reader, and safe if followed. There will be a $1000 proofreading fee for verifying this process paid to "ICE".

Metric is not acceptable and all measures must be converted to US Imperial Standards (ie Inches and Fahrenheit)

However, before the instructions and advertising is submitted to a US-only based UL certified laboratory for testing and verification of safety and use instructions, it must first be verified for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling by two (2) US-based contractors with at least 2 years of college attendance or equivalent experience in proofreading/editing. This will create jobs for unemployed liberal arts majors. Any US Citizen can sign up on the ICE website to be part of the Follow Universal Safety System (FUSS) and will receive monthly checks for each item reviewed.

This also applies to ALL advertising, including on Amazon.com No More "We are specializing in the new lighting generatio next manufacturing."

No more "High Quality product projecting the light lamp with very safe instructions. You follow. Has temp 25C. No use over 110V you no like not safe."

Each rejected entry will incur a $500 resubmission fee for illegibility or unitelligibility

This process is required for each individual model number, with no exceptions for minor variations like color.

By the way, if you think the Metric requirement is unfair, there's no country in the world not on the Imperial system that accepts non-Metric descriptions of products.

More #MAGA rules to come

Because #TurnaboutIsFairPlay
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Products purchased with credit/loans originating from a State in the Union of States shall be minimum 51% made/designed in the US.
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We have nothing to tariff trade guard, I find this whole anti tariff talk preposterous as it's Profit protection. Small business is decimated, it's time for the money to trickle back down to Small business owners, tradesmen, craftsmen and artisan. It's time to let American entrepreneur sprit compete and kick the fucking living snot out of publicly traded companies. That squeeze the quality of their goods, raise prices on the consumer, and put better companies and products out of business. By lobbying for special interest laws that benefit them by placing a tremendous cost of doing business burden on small company competition.

Investors have to get a job, or start a company and put people to work you lazy sacks of shit.(not anyone here particular).

China putting tariffs on our agriculture goods that are grown by illegal aliens, and place land price pressures consume our natural resources to give China Pork and Soybeans. Fuck off my heart bleeds purple piss for anyone moaning about food prices will drop.

Goods will go up but we'll have adult sized jobs again.
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All these little Chinese shitty little companies that sell the same shitty item on Amazon and Alibaba will be rocked if #1 passes.

That's plenty of room for small businesses all over the USA to make lamps and decorative surge protectors and all kinds of chotskies.

Just wait until you read my new USA Navigation Act.

It made the UK fabulously wealthy, and it'll restore our wealth too.

The UK adopted Free Trade in the late 19th, and the protectionist, mercantilist Germans kicked their asses down from the top spot. Now Northern England looks like Eastern Poland.
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We've all seen shit like this, and these instructions are some of the better ones. It doesn't have the 18th Century block typesetting at least. There's absolutely no excuse to allow such shittily documented products into our valuable market, entrance to which we should be charging a pretty penny to foreigners to take advantage of. Not letting them in on unequal terms by letting them use 19th Century Labor conditions and pour hexavalent chromium into the River, something our companies can't do.

Our import system is like a mall that lets some stores come in at half rent, no gross % of profit, and pay their workers $1/hr while dumping their waste into the parking lot, while requiring US owned stores to pay full rent + % of gross, pay $11/hr minimum wage, and pay for 5 different recycling bins that they must also pay extra for.

And when the compliant US renters complain, the GM of the mall says "You just don't know how to compete on an equal playing field"
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I say for each EcoWacko that gets caught buying overseas garbage products, we deport one EcoWacko..... They clearly don't understand what they are doing at that point.
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Why not make all imported products mandatorily follow all US regulations-pollution/gender/race/sex etc. Unemployment benefits-kinda like Starbucks organic stamp. So all products must certify -this must strictly be enforced-that they have bathrooms for 54 genders, men and women equal pay,labor laws, etc etc etc???
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
This also applies to ALL advertising, including on Amazon.com No More "We are specializing in the new lighting generatio next manufacturing."

No more "High Quality product projecting the light lamp with very safe instructions. You follow. Has temp 25C. No use over 110V you no like not safe."

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