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Deity-of-your-choice-bless Sen. Cory Gardner

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President Trump has promised a top Senate Republican that he will support congressional efforts to protect states that have legalized marijuana — defusing a months-long standoff between Sen. Cory Gardner and the administration over Justice Department nominees.

In January, the Colorado Republican said he would block all DOJ nominations after Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo that heightened the prospect of a federal marijuana crackdown in states that had legalized the substance. Gardner’s home state made recreational marijuana legal in 2014.

In a phone call late Wednesday, Trump told Gardner that despite the DOJ memo, the marijuana industry in Colorado will not be targeted, the senator said in a statement Friday. Satisfied, the first-term senator is now backing down from his nominee blockade.

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Trying to override Schedule 1 drug laws. Congress must demand enforcement of American laws that drug addicted Rep/Cons break by using "Killer Weed"

Trump's 2nd Amendment Solution might be the only answer to Anti-American Republican Addicts.
This is proof that Rep/Cons will destroy America.

Fuck every Republican that has ever smoked dope. America Haters think they are above the law.
Obey our laws or serve hard prison time for your crimes.

Reps have nothing but their crimes.

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