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Bombshell: Lynch threatened NYPD with Garner Investigation If...

By MisterLearnToCode following x   2018 Apr 15, 4:01pm 2,080 views   19 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

... they followed the chain from Wiener's Laptop.

"Leave my Wiener alone or we'll have a Federal case into Eric Garner the illegal cigarette salesman."

Lots of other stuff leaking right now about Horowitz's investigation. McCabe's Turkey is Cooked.

Apparently he chewed out a subordinate and made him take the blame for something he himself did.
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Rosenstein has shut up he was beating his chest last Friday by Monday when the non redacted Memo came out, he shut the fuck up real quick.
he's missing from the MSNBC and CNN Mueller cheerleader squad. All of the disgusting fags and racist cunts now in Congress talking about they are going to fix the Constitution to protect the crooks and stop the elected President from doing his job. These people have no idea they are declaring war on our Democracy America will see them all in a Federal Prison Cemetery before we abide to what they think they can pull.
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Mueller called & told me,just now, about all the evidence he has in the investigation & what the states' Attorneys General have,which Trump trash has no power over.
Now I'm as smart as all the Right Wing Nuts.

Too bad that these losers believe that if a lefty is guilty then Trump & his ilk are completely innocent.
Mueller might disappoint them.
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They are all pouncing on Comey now, rightfully so. But I have no doubt that Lynch did that, she is worse and should be in jail before Comey. Typical PoC career wommyn who thinks she is above the law. Where are the damn handcuffs.
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Quigley says


Apparently Barrett of the WSJ is on the case, this is a thread synopsis... I'm doing some shit in the Restaurant right now, getting slammed by a big family coming in, just happened to catch it before all hell broke lose (both internet and here).
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Quigley says



The NY FBI and Eastern District of New York (EDNY) were threatened by Washington DC Main Justice and FBI, via Loretta Lynch and Andrew McCabe to drop the Clinton/Abedin/Weiner laptop investigation matters, or else the Garner DOJ Civil Rights Division would be used as leverage against the NYPD. And Loretta Lynch had SDNY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara as the enforcer waiting for her call.

So the accusation is that the Justice Department was threatening the FBI and NYPD to be quiet about Weiner's laptop in order not to lower Hillary's chance of being elected.
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Jesus, I go off for a few hours and all hell breaks loose.

Also big news: We lost R. Lee Armey today.
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Earlier I said Barrett (Barrett) of the WSJ had the story; That was Barrett who was leaked to re: McCabe by Page. I had misread this on my smart phone.

1. I'm taking my time reading the McCabe report from @JusticeOIG and so far I'm floored. This is a 30+ page report on misconduct by fired Dep Dir McCabe; I intend this thread to be a work in progress as I make my way through it & will suppliment work done by others.
2. I've just finished retweeting @tracybeanz thread from today, and @Nick_Falco & @The_War_Economy have extensive research on this as well.
3. From page 1-6, the @JusticeOIG lays out exact verbiage & statements McCabe made to FBI Inspection Division whom the investigation of his conduct originated with. This is a crucial datapoint to understanding these events.
4. Within the first six pages, it's detailed what McCabe told investigators at each date & time, & relevant data regarding phone calls w DOJ officials, his aide Special Counsel Lisa Page, Dir Comey, & Dep Asst Dir Peter Strzok. Dates are noted.
5. The report first describes mccabes lack of Candor. This is the act of not telling the complete truth, leaving out details, deliberately lying about details, or hiding key facts.
6. Within the first six pages, it is explicitly clear that McCabe verbally ordered page, & Asst Director for Office Public Affairs to seek out WSJ Devlin Barrett, in attempt to shift the reporters narrative to one less damaging to McCabe PERSONALLY.

7. This follows Barrett's Oct 23, '16 WSJ article revealing McCabes wife received almost $700,000 from Terry McCauliffe for her senate run at a time McCabe was over seeing TWO Clinton investigations & mcauliffe was under FBI probe.
8. This led to great panic on the part of McCabe who within days ordered his Aide Lisa Page & AD/OPA Kortan to meet w Barrett. They communicated w him several times about this ultimately revealing that DOJ wanted the Clinton Foundation case stopped.

9. McCabe took a call Aug 12, '16 from Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General at DOJ who was the point person for DOJ on that case. It was heated & McCabe allegedly (his words) asked point blank if DOJ was asking FBI to kill a valid case.
10. What happened next is Page & Kortan at McCabes order leak this fact to Barrett who then publishes it on Oct 30, '16.
11. From pages 6-11 the report details the aftermath: the Justice Dept was fit to be tied. @tracybeanz thread details this in depth. First McCabe lied and pointed suspicion both internally at FBI & at DOJ blaming WashDC & NYC Field Offices. (WFO & NYFO).
12. This is a crucial. McCabe knowingly used his aide & FBI Public Affairs to leak unauthorized to the WSJ to cover up his own conflicts of interest that may signal other more egregious felonies he has committed at the Bureau.see @The_War_Economy teeets about McCabe addresses
13. McCabe goes so far as to tell the Asst Dir In Charge, WFO (ADIC-WFO) to quote: 'get your house in order'. He called him incompetent w full knowledge he was blaming the man for his own crime. Yes, it is a felony.
14. Circle back: McCabe has now accused ADIC-NYFO & ADIC-WFO of the leak he knowingly perpetrated to hide his own misdeeds. This triggers an FBI Inspection Division mole hunt that targets the entire Counter Intelligence division who had access to both Clinton cases: email & Fdtn.
15. Imagine the amount of resources involved in this. This was later turned over to the Dept of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz & his staff for further investigation, but Inspection Division remained involved.
16. McCabe was interviewed by both Inspection division & OIG and lied to both. His first interview was not under oath, but he lied to investigators. Subsequent interviews were under oath. He lied in them as well. His story changed repeatedly as interviews progressed.
17. Ok. More to come on this a little later. This thread is a work in progress.
18. So, after the first Barrett article exposes McCabes conflict via $s fr McAuliffe, Comey holds a staff meeting 4 days later on Oct 27, '16 about HRC email case. McCabe is out of town dials into meeting via phone.
19. Comey & FBI Gen Counsel Baker tell him to leave the meeting; they are concerned about his conflicts & McCabe is livid. Was this what prompted his actions is ordering the leak?
20. @The_War_Economy has detailed the mccabes lived in close proximity to Clinton's for YEARS in chappaqua & McCabe hid this from FBI, OPR & OIG. Add to that the campaign contributions he did not disclose. Was McCabe HRCs point man?

21. Is that why it was so important he try to shift Barrett's narrative? It appears mccabe was bought and paid for to me. At bottom of page 7, continued on page 8 the report says the following:
22. McCabe texts after being excluded from the meeting in a text to Lisa Page: 'I spoke to both. Both understand no decision on recusal will be made until i return & weigh in.' He's talking about Comey & Baker.
23. It's clear everyone thinks McCabe has conflicts but he refused to recuse; then leaks to cover his own ass, revealing the existence of CF investigation.
24. This happens at same time as NYFO & NYPD are dealing w Weiner laptop seized in case of Huma's husband sexting a 15 yr old.
25. McCabe gets $s for wife fr Clinton operative. Gets kicked out of staff meeting about Clinton email case. Leaks to Barrett to hide his conflicts. Blames NYOF & WFO. This triggers internal & external investigations of leak.
26. At same time, @tracybeanz documents Lynch is using FBI NYFO to blackmail NYPD over Eric Garner case to control info about the Weiner case & laptop. Here where things get really interesting.
27. The NYFO is dealing w McCabe lying about them being leakers to cover his own likes while Lynch is using them to control NYPD bc of weiner. At same time NYPD brass gave NYFO an ultimatum: u deal w this or we go to the press.
28. So the FBI grabs the laptop, Comey is forced to send email to congress re-opening email case & that's all we're told. Or is it?
29. @tracybeanz documents the interviews both founder of Blackwater Erik Prince & former US Atty & Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani gave detailing both the emails on Huma/ A Weiner's joint laptop and other things....
30. So FBI NYFO takes laptop due to class info on laptop & as part of HRC email case. McCabe refused to recuse and HIDES the laptop, until Prince &Guiliani reveal its existence & seizure by FBI forcing Comey's have. McCabe was hiding it unbeknownst to Comey.
31. Sidebar: ask two questions- what was so extraordinary OUTSIDE of the emails that NYPD even w garner case blackmail ongoing took extraordinary step of using Prince & Guiliani to force its disclosure?
32. Something on that laptop is so ugly, so damaging NYPD felt it had no choice but to do that. What could it be? Important note: wiener went to prison for a sexual relationship w a child. What else did NYPD expect FBI to look into beyond Weiner's case that was that ugly?

33. Something critical here: the CF investigation was shelved, FO's moth balled the case until AFTER Sessions was sworn & ordered the case reopened. It's clear OIG felt this case was improperly shelved for political reasons.
34. The CF case is re-opened. @LarrySchweikart has been looking into this extensively. There are five FBI field offices working the case w NYFO being the lead. NYFO is in SDNY, the NYC area where the foundation is registered. Little Rock & LA offices also involved.
35. This investigation is still ongoing. The fact nothing has been heard indicates to me this case is still being actively pursued. End side bar.
36. In Section B, page 12 the report gives Comey's acct related to the OIG investigators (plural): he refutes mccabes claim that he was informed & signed off on the disclosure. Two seperate things.
37. Comey's testimony is corroborated by AD/OPA Korton & SpecCounsel Page; he says he didn't know, didn't authorize & McCabe vaguely denied authorizing or doing the leak. This was discussed at length.
38. Comey emphasizes 1. He required all such disclosures to be run by him first & his approval, 2. That only he & McCabe had authority to authorize such disclosures & 3. He had several reasons he would have denied permission on this.
39. What this amounts to was McCabe lied to Comey and leaked, blamed two ADICs & then covered it up. Comey's reasoning to OIG, under oath, was logical.
40. Yes I know Comey's history of lying under oath but this time he is supported by documentation & witness corroboration.
41. Comey's reasons for non approval of the leak were given as 1. didn't want to confirm the case as 3 mo's prior he refused to do so to Congress (!) 2. This came 2 DAYS after the weiner laptop forced email to congress about it, 3. harmed DOJ/FBI relationship.
42. Of course, non of that mattered to McCabe who was WAY more interested in hiding his crimes & maintaining access to those cases for his political benefactor; team Clinton.
43. This is why the OIG ruled as did OPR the leak McCabe was guilty of was not in FBI interest & not authorized.
44. Ok. That's all for now. More to come. I'm halfway through the report and will continue this as I progress further through the report.
45. One last thing before I take a break: after NYPD handed over wiener laptop to FBI NYFO, who came & picked it up & helped hide it with McCabe? Deep Asst Dir CI Peter Strzok. More to follow.
46. So, INSD begins investigating. May '17 case is formally opened, McCabe (abbreviated AM here on out) is interviewed May9, '17. This is golden right here. Takes place in privacy of McCabes office. Section Chief & Supervisory Special Agent from INSD present w McCabe. No 1 else.
47. This meeting is under oath. SSA1 & INSD SC ask McCabe, sitting at table in his office about unrelated leak & also about Oct30 WSJ article. AM initials article & docs shown & admits recognizing them. These details match in SSA & INSD SC separate 302s.
48. So INSD followed protocol of two agents at interview, written records initialed by witness/suspect, in private setting w/o interference or others present. McCabe later disputes this.
49. Per records, AM testimony States he 1. 'Had no idea where the article came from' & 2. 'No idea who source might be.' He lied, under oath, to two Sr INSD special agents.
50. At this point he knows he's lied. Not lack of candor, AM openly lied. UNDER OATH. per SSA1 notes from interview, McCabe was unwilling to give any clues about who may possibly have been the leak; so he's still protecting Kortan & Page at this point. May 9, 17.
51. 72 hours later, may 12, INSD emails AM a Signed Sworn Statement of the interview for AM to review, sign, return. AM takes no action on this; INSD re-sends June 23. At this point AM complains second email went to wrong AM first who forwarded, still refuses to sign.
52. Almost 2 months elapse w no action. INSD involves OIG. THIS is when @JusticeOIG becomes involved. AM is interviewed under oath by OIG staff Nov 29, '17. McCabe disputes facts of May 9 interview.
53. The gut flat out LIED under oath to INSD then tells OIG staff that 'he didn't say that he didn't authorize the leaks' & 'doesn't remember discussing oct30 article' even though OIG presents him w the article he initialed.
54. AM goes on to tell OIG under oath that INSD walked away w diff understanding of things than him, & that they questioned him in hallway about Oct30 article breaching interview protocol. But if in hallway, how'd he initial/sign docs???
55. He goes further: he tells OUG he has no idea & cant explain why INSD he thought it was unauthorized leak. 'Hey I can't help it those three guys didn't listen. Also I don't remember what I told them.' For real. That's what he told OIG. Under oath! Holy S!
56.so let's review: he lied to Comey (not under oath). AM lied to INSD under oath. Changed story, while lying to OIG, under oath. This all leads up to FINAL interview about this 'matter' on July 28, '17.
57. Remember, he still hasn't signed the INSD Signed Sworn Statement, either. So by now you KNOW OIG & INSD have spoken to Comey, Page, Kortan, ADIC-NYFO, ADIC-WFO, INSD SC, INSD SSA1. AM is in big trouble.
58. But this is where it gets confusing. The report THEN talks about a PREVIOUS interview AM had a OIG on July 28 four months before: they didn't really ask him about the oct30 article, they questioned him about the Strzok Page texts!
59. This guy lied to OIG 4 months later knowing Page/Strzok texts were out there. They reference the OCT30 article & PADAG Matthew Axelrod call of Aug 12 & Strzok/Page admitting to leaking it.
60. This is another earth shattering revelation: first, AM denies knowing & authorizing it; remember Comey's testimony about who could. Second, he knowingly throws Page & Kortan under bus; OIG already has their testimony.
61. AM is a true piece of 💩. He blamed ADUC-NYFO & ADIC-WFO & triggered a mole hunt in FBI CI division & at DOJ by lying about them, then knows the texts are out there but lies, under oath, changes story, says it's Page & Kortan. No permission.
62. @tracybeanz covers this betrayal in her thread so I'll move past it at this point rather than rehash but you get the point. Holy S, the duplicity of this guy... and he once ran the Counter Intelligence division and was Acting Director during much of this!
63. AM questioned under oath about Strzok/page texts on July 28, changes story & calls OIG Aug 1, is reinterviewed Nov 29.
64. Sorry this is so long. By the way, I'm beginning to appreciate the tenacity of @The_War_Economy more now. July 28: AM lies about texts & blames page & Kortan. Aug 1: calls Asst OUG says 'hey just remembered I MAY have authorized Page.' Nov 29: INSD lies! I told em I did!
65. Oh this is funny: AM called AIG quote 'after spending a lot of time thinking about it.' ROFL LMAO!!! Also says: 'on further recollection, yeah, I authorized Page & Kortan'. Realizes Page & Strzok & Kortan flipped? Certainly not guilty conscience.
66. Whoa. Between Aug 1 call to AIG & Nov 29 OIG interview, AM sits down w INSD again. So he lied about them & they know it at this point. Whew, to be a fly on the wall for this one!
67. Aug 18: INSD SSA1 ft 1st interview & INSD SSA2 interview McCabe after page told them he authorized her to leak; McCabe finally admits it. Finally admits he's been lying the whole time.
68. SSA1 who was present for BOTH INSD interviews of AM tells him flat out: do you have any idea how much time & agents work was wasted on this? Overtime, priority pushing other cases off, agents working round the clock. McCabe basically shrugs. Holy F.
His verbal response to SSA1: 'yeah, I'm sorry.' That's it, that's all he said in response according to both SSAs.
69. It's @ this pt, INSD formally hands off case to @JusticeOIG for review of McCabes actions and this report begins to be compiled. The Nov 29th interview goes over all these details.
70. It's important to remember some background details here. Remember the day after Dir Wray saw @DevinNunes Memo? McCabe sent home, badge & gun rescinded told paid leave til vacation no access to cases.
71. Mccabe came unglued when meeting w Wray who told him the news, but Wray stood firm, allowed OIG to run course; he & Sessiond rightly determined summary dismissal was warranted. Now think back to Thomas Paines article where AM threatens to burn everyone down.
72. Remember that Comey & McCabe are publicly savaging each other & BOTH have criminal offenses OUTSIDE of this report yet to be addressed that will be by the LARGER OIG report yet to come.
73. Note: mccabes lawyer is all over twitter claiming he's a victim, threatening defamation suits against @realDonaldTrump who isn't even involved; note the gofundme for AM references need for $s for CRIMINAL representation- it's clear they know his indictment is imminent.
74. Stay tuned, folks. Things just got interesting. Fini.
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Lying to investigators, under oath or not, is 18 USC 1001. Now you know why he asked for the Gofundme money before the Comey book came out.

Seeing if Sundance has anything on this yet.
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I don't know , I am seeing so many things, but the deep state keeps going at trump and Sessions is just dozing in his rocking chair-something has to give.
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Rosenstein wants to crown his career with the biggest fish he ever could catch. Sessions is not sleeping, you're to think that he is though. And that Trump is annoyed with him.

In reality, Huber is prepping a Grand Jury, if it's not already impaneled - and in Utah, not DC (guessing here)

Hot Take: Comey's book is igniting a shitstorm. I think he was an ass-covering boot-licker but not actually malicious. I think McCabe was an Operator. Page and Strzok were malicious butt-kissers, hoping to curry favor with future FBI Director McCabe (which was believed to be in his future) and the inevitably inbound Hillary Administration.

Here's another NEW volley in the shitstorm:


It was pure serendipity that this ever came out, the secret Tarmac meeting. It was just pure luck there was a journalist who was an aviation fanatic at the airport at the same time, and saw the two planes together.
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holy cow, these people went truly far to get Hillary elected. They broke laws everywhere. Fucking slime.
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FortWayne says
holy cow, these people went truly far to get Hillary elected. They broke laws everywhere. Fucking slime.

If she got elected, you would have never heard about any of this shit.. I think the reason they went so far and were so sloppy is to curry favor, they thought there was almost no chance of being caught, and that worst case scenario, they are such clever manipulators and agents they'd never get caught.

IF by some chance she was elected and some of this shit leaked, right now the Media would be demanding that Congress shut up about a special prosecutor and stop being sexist against the first Female President by demanding investigations into McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc. all of whom would be happily in their original roles, or promoted.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
FortWayne says
holy cow, these people went truly far to get Hillary elected. They broke laws everywhere. Fucking slime.

If she got elected, you would have never heard about any of this shit.. I think the reason they went so far and were so sloppy is to curry favor, they thought there was almost no chance of being caught, and that worst case scenario, they are such clever manipulators and agents they'd never get caught.

I truly hope they will be going to jail for this crap.
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Here is the McCabe OIG report now online:

Note that the OIG is an investigator, not a prosecutor. This is for Huber.
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McCabe is an AI hologram. Back to your pods!
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Bombshell: Lynch threatened NYPD with Garner Investigation If...

OMG another BOMBSHELL. After dinner and a movie I'll faint from all the excitement. Still waiting for something to happen from the last 220 clinton/obama bombshell reports/revelations. Over a year of donald "lock hillary up" trump in charge of the biggest law enforcement organization in the world and nothing,nada, zippo. Amazing. What dirt does clinton/obama have on the donald that is keeping them out of prison? Must be bigger than what the russians have on trump (or maybe trump just really likes licking putins balls). Good thing I have my tin foil hat right here.

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