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LA will pay you to house the homeless in your back yard

By Patrick following x   2018 Apr 15, 6:50pm 967 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    


"Not in my backyard" protests helped block homeless housing in Temple City, delayed it in Boyle Heights and, last month, killed Orange County's plan to relocate homeless people to shelters.

Now, Los Angeles officials want to turn NIMBYism on its head — by paying property owners to put houses for homeless people in their backyards.

In August, the county Board of Supervisors approved a $550,000 pilot program to build a handful of small backyard houses, or upgrade illegally converted garages, for homeowners who agree to host a homeless person or family. Then in February, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded L.A. a $100,000 Mayor's Challenge grant to study the feasibility of backyard homeless units within the city limits.

This was posted here before, but the post disappeared somehow.
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Patrick says
or upgrade illegally converted garages

That's the part I just noticed. Was illegal to house regular people, but not illegal if you house hobos. Government logic?
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Maybe we could hold hostage our HOA's and neighbors to pay us what we could have made with new backyard tenants if we don't add a home for them on our property? Always thinking for my greedy self-profits.

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