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The Incestuous Establishment: Corey Booker

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Candidate Corey Booker assigns CNN Boss Zucker's son to Board of a Start Up with stock options. Withdraws only after publicized.

CNN boss Jeff Zucker's son, 15, resigns hours after it's revealed Cory Booker's start up put him on the advisory board and gave him stock options
Cory Booker helped found a video aggregation start up site called Waywire
Financial disclosure forms show that he appointed Jeff Zucker's 15-year-old son Andrew on the company's advisory board
Andrew has since quit after his role was publicized

Google's Eric Schmidt and Booker pal Oprah Winfrey are both investors
Booker is now running for the empty New Jersey Senate spot


Think about what hasn't been caught.

Be nice to know that CBS President David Rhodes and former Obama adviser (totally unqualified, btw) Ben Rhodes are related, should be a reminder everytime Stephanopolous interviews a Clintonista that he himself was a Clintonista Press Secretary, Andrea Mitchell is married to Greenspan so anything she does around monetary/economic policy should be considered in that light, etc.
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