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An oliebol is a traditional Dutch and Belgian food. They are called oliebollen (literally: oil spheres) in the Netherlands, while in Belgium they are also called smoutebollen (literally: lard balls although the real "smout" is of rapeseed oil) and croustillons (loosely: crispies) in French.

In English they are more commonly known as Dutch Doughnuts or Dutchies. In the distant region of Istria, now split into the countries of Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, a variation of this dish is called fritole, fritule and blinci. In Serbia they are called krofne. Also,in Ghana,West Africa, they are known locally as bofrot or bofflot.


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I had them on New Year's Eve in Amsterdam years ago when visiting a former exchange student from my high school. Quite good, but how can you lose with deep-fried dough and sugar? Have not heard of them since, until now. Thanks.

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