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Indian-American nurse fired for supporting Trump

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Lizzy Mathews, who had worked at Denver Health Medical Center for 27 years, filed the lawsuit on Jan. 11 with Denver's U.S. District Court against Kelly Torres and Marc Fedo, the hospital's nursing manager and director of acute nursing.

The lawsuit demands that Mathews be rehired and receive back pay and punitive damages for emotional trauma after being fired over a political conversation with a patient, according to Fox News.

Mathews, 65, was attending to the patient on Sept. 10, 2016, shortly before the general election, when the patient asked her who she thought would win. The nurse said she was hoping for Trump to win and that she was "praying for him."

Mathews claims she received a call from the nursing manager three days after the conversation saying the patient, who was previously a high-ranking hospital employee, had complained. She was informed she was fired and ineligible for rehire at the hospital, according to the lawsuit.
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