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Elizabeth Warren's legacy: we're all Indians now.

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'They profiled me for my race': Native American man says he was ARRESTED in sportswear store after asking worker to take a photo of outfit for his wife

Robert Robedeaux filmed the moment he claims he was racially profiled

On February 17 he was escorted out of a Hibbett Sports store for trespassing

Robedeaux, a member of Pawnee Nation in Owasso, Oklahoma, believes he was judged for his native hair style

He claims he asked a worker to take a picture of his outfit to send to his wife

Feeling uncomfortable, the employee called police and three officers arrived

He was kicked out then arrested for an outstanding parking violation warrant

Robedeaux shared the post on Facebook on April 19 to demand justice

He compares the incident to the arrest of two black men earlier this month at a Philadelphia Starbucks


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