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Did Trump say it's "Second Amendment Solution" time?

By HEYYOU following x   2018 May 5, 12:19pm 530 views   3 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

I'll say it again! I wouldn't help a cop or his family it they were bleeding to death until they POLICE their own.

"An off-duty California police officer pulled a gun on a man whom he accused of stealing Mentos candy at a gas station, according to ABC TV station KABC in Los Angeles."

"The man had in fact just purchased the candy, according to surveillance video of the March 16 incident posted by KABC."

Sue the fuck out of the city ,county & state.
After he wins,get a permit to march in front of all police stations.
The sign needs to read: "Cops are nothing but Socialist govt.employees.
The losers can't compete in the Free Market. Suck up those tax dollars.
Why don't you tattooed,shaved heads,fat fucks get a real job."

Tough but true!

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Question #1: What drugs do you take when posting here on patrick.net?
Question #2: If you were a true socialist, you'd give all your drugs to Patrick so he could be in charge of dispensing said drugs to commenters here according to their need.
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Warren the Ape

My drug is the truth! No risk of an overdose.
I can handle the truth.Those that can't are incapable of disproving the truth.
As attack the messenger goes,my favorite saying:
"I've been called worse by better men."
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Too bad there wasn't another" Stand Your Ground" good guy with a gun at the end of the line to blow away anyone that pulls a gun & knowingly threatens a life. "I was in fear for my life. So the fucker had to die."
Pulling a gun in public on a legal,armed with Mentos,American citizen should be an immediate execution. And the stupid fuck pulled it,falsely

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