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Golden handcuffs: When cheap San Francisco rent is a blessing and a curse

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Aimee Server doesn't want to stay in San Francisco, but she can't leave.

"If I move out of this place, I probably won't be able to come back to the city. I won't be able to afford it," Server said. The 42-year-old has lived in a two-bedroom, rent-controlled apartment for three years.

She'd like to escape the city for a spell, to travel and teach English in a foreign country.

"If I returned [to San Francisco], I could get my job back," she said. But a below market-rate apartment in the heart of the city? "I don't think so."

In an expensive place like San Francisco, affordable monthly rent – by most residents' standards, "affordable" means below $1,500 – can feel like "golden handcuffs."

The reporter, Michelle Robertson, is a bit corrupt in that the article is also thinly disguised advertising for realtors, but it's a fun piece anyway.
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Price controls is what the Soviets had to use to control their economy too...and it blew up in their faces as well.

Happy 200th Birthday of Karl Marx, everyone!

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