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Don Blankenship was like a Steamroller this morning.

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Earlier today Blankenship said he'll run against Trump if he stands in his way.
He came in third in the Primary, how do you like them Granny Smiths?


I was kind of rooting for the guy spite what Trump said. But when Blankenship said that. He may have proved Trump right.
He wasn't savvy enough to realize that is how Trump throws you a bone. Trump was trying to spare him from being attacked if he won the Primary.
By already coming out and supporting the incumbent Democrat over him. He wouldn't have had to sog through Soros and other outsider funds to win the election.
But then he said some bullshit like that and blew it.He started off the day with the lead in the polls. Patrick Morrissey is pro Trump enough.
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Pompeo-Blankenship 2020!

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