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Israel finds cure for paralyzed legs.

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At least 60 Hamas supporters were reportedly killed when they tried to storm the border with Israel.
Several hundred were injured.

The US blamed Hamas for the deaths.

But there was one miracle on Embassy day.

A crippled Palestinian learned to walk and run on Monday.

The entire scene was captured on video.
Via Yanki:

A miracle in Gaza. The man with the crutches suddenly started running pic.twitter.com/53l5bb3zV1

— Yanki יענקי פרבר (@Farberyanki) May 14, 2018

More… Hamas uses children as human shields as they storm the Israeli border.

exactly, just like you see here… they have a child in that mess pic.twitter.com/XDbMnfViFK

— Private Investigator (@TheSecretsSafe) May 15, 2018

Protesters storm the border.

Tell me, how would you ask your army to deal with these peaceful unarmed protestors headed to your home? pic.twitter.com/hV1tsoGlfd

— shoshanna k jaskoll (@skjask) May 14, 2018
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Praise Allah! It's a miracle! The moment there was enough footage to sell to Reuters and AFP, the miracle healing began!

EDIT: Found it on Youtube since Twitter doesn't embed

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