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Blockchain Real Estate and Actual US Land Values

By Patrick follow Patrick   2018 May 15, 6:56pm 656 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


When I first heard of Decentraland (supported by the MANA token), I thought the person telling me about it and everyone involved in the project to be outright ridiculous. In the simplest terms, the project is literally creating virtual real estate on the blockchain. Over time, however, it slowly grew on me. Seeing Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” not long after and I began to think “OK, maybe they’re just brilliant devs who took a few too many drugs.” ...

If you have to do a double take that’s O.K. but yes…the going rate for a piece of virtual land compares with that of real-world U.S. states and actually edges out more than half of them! (It would rank 24th as a “state” in terms of $/SQF). ...

Furthermore, the development purposes and methods between these types of estates could not vary anymore drastically. One type requires hammer and nail, the other some pretty savvy coders. The possibilities are interesting to think about since there are not many other projects going after this niche (saving the whales with blockchain is obviously numero uno at the moment) and with how far virtual reality has come, we can expect to see some pretty imaginative developments and the governance that follows.
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It's time to put an end to reality.It's so yesterday.

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