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Bill Richardson, anyone? And what about Romualdo Pacheco?

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Idaho woman challenges establishment and history in hope of becoming nation's first Native American governor

Paulette Jordan has heard it all, especially in the waning hours before Tuesday's Idaho primary, where she is hoping to advance her long-shot candidacy for governor of Idaho. But as she can often do, given her height of nearly six feet, the Democrat and two-term Idaho state legislator lifts her gaze above the immediate ruckus. She instead looks through the long lens of her family's indigenous history that now drives her effort to become the first Native American governor in US history.

"I come from a powerful line of women. I'm proud of that heritage and legacy," said Jordan, in response to a 'why bother?' question. "The opportunity for women is now. The President is divisive. Women know we can bring the country together. I'm working to defend my state, my people, even as this President is part of spreading hate and fear."

Jordan makes the criticism against Trump fully aware of his 2016 victory in her state, which he won by 32 points. Idaho is more than 80% white and voted Republican so long that the Idaho Statesman referred to all the Democratic candidates for governor starting in 1998 as the "sacrificial lamb in the governor's general election race." Still, the newspaper's editorial board gave her a lukewarm endorsement as "a chance to excite Idahoans looking for new leadership."

As both a Native American and a young woman, the 38-year-old believes she's the stark difference needed to crack that streak of losses racked up by those middle-aged, white male Democratic gubernatorial candidates. She's the antidote needed in the Trump era, she believes. With her youth and history-making run, her candidacy captures the most unmitigated example of a new kind of woman driven to run for higher office after Hillary Clinton's loss.


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So another Democrat running on identity politics. How original and “fresh.”

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