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The Student’s Dilemma: Conformity or Education

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« There is more riding on grad school admission and career prospects than there is on intellectual integrity. As a result, students are implicitly encouraged to sacrifice the latter for the former, and learning what to think becomes more valuable and important than learning how to think. Why would a student such as myself bother to challenge the conventional wisdom and risk a B, when I can simply provide what I know is expected and receive an A? »


This is not only an important issue for the intellectual health of the students, but for our nation. An adult population of independent thinkers is our edge over a behemoth like China. If we give that up for conformity and groupthink, the future of humanity will lose.
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Not just students, but most knowledge workers.
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Old adage applies: at least half of what you learn in school is wrong. However, if you don't know which half, you have to learn all the bullshit, anyway, and figure it out later through further experience, thought, learning, trial and error and personal observation.

Obviously, political correctness has made schools much more rigid than they used to be. However, the students are at fault, too, because the institutions are plundering them for existence so the institutions have to listen to all their tiny, whining voices while trying to convince them their education was worth the investment. It is more like multiple layers of covert motives, politics, and mutual manipulation than education.

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