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That "boy" is a pussy.
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This is one of the reasons that I love Ohio so much and wish that I did not have to move back to Texas. Ohio also recognizes the rights of free people to legally open carry without a permission slip (conceal carry). Ohio law preempts any local gun laws meaning that you can walk in the down town areas of major cities with an AR-15 strapped to your back and the city can do nothing about it.

Texas completely sucks in this regard because they do not recognize gun rights for people choosing to open carry. Shortly after moving there I ran into a guy trying to sign people up for a CC class that he was running while browsing guns at Cabelas. When I mentioned open carry, he got all defensive and stated that he does not support open carry. WTF! You either support gun rights or you don't. I can make a compelling argument that open carry is better safety wise.

I wish that I were single and 10 years younger because I would love to go out on a date with a woman like this.

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