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Society wants Rin to lust after Emily Ratajkowski but they failed!

By Rin following x   2018 Jun 5, 12:28pm 770 views   4 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Yes, after countless ads and streaming videos of this so-called supermodel, spreading her goods, Rin was not moved.

Here's why ... Rin has been fucking hoes for years. According to society, he's suppose to be lusting after Emily Rat' when in reality, he knows all about slim gals with T&A.
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Here's a pic of the Emily Rat' phenomena ...

That's right guys, I've already fucked model gals up in places like Montreal. See below (that's a real Quebecoise escort/model) ...

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Anorexic with implants and trout pout. Even her filets look starved.
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Ceffer says

I don't mind sliding my pole between a pair of plastic knockers.

What I mind is society telling me to fall in love/lust and then, extorting me of my retirement account for some action.

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