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First our jobs. Then our wimmens!

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In the next few years, white men decrying the takeover of jobs and white women by Filipinos resorted to vigilantism to deal with the "third Asiatic invasion." Filipino laborers frequenting pool halls or attending street fairs in Stockton, Dinuba, Exeter, and Fresno risked being attacked by nativists threatened by the swelling labor pool as well as the Filipino's presumed predatory sexual nature.[8]

In October 1929, Filipinos at a street carnival in Exeter were shot with rubber bands as they walked with their white female companions. In response to the knifing of a heckler, a mob of 300 white men led by then Chief of Police C. E. Joyner burned the barn of a rancher known to hire Filipinos; and Joyner ordered the shutdown of a nearby labor camp. According to local press, the riot was caused primarily by Filipinos' insistence on equal treatment by white women.[9]

Two months later, in the morning of December 2, 1929, in Watsonville, a coastal town 189 miles (304 km) away, police raided a boardinghouse and found two white girls, aged 16 and 11, sleeping in the same room with Perfecto Bandalan, a 25-year-old lettuce grower. The Watsonville community was outraged and remained so even after learning that Bandalan and 16-year-old Esther Schmick were engaged, and that they were caring for Esther's sister Bertha at her mother's request.[10]

Near midnight on January 18, 1930, 500 white men and youths gathered outside a Filipino dance club in the Palm Beach section of Watsonville. The club was owned by a Filipino man and offered dances with the nine white women who lived there. The mob came with clubs and weapons intending to take the women out and burn the place down. The owners threatened to shoot if the rioters persisted, and when the mob refused to leave, the owners opened fire. Police broke up the fight with gas bombs. Two days later, on January 20, a group of Filipino men met with a group of white men near the Pajaro River bridge to settle the score. A group of Mexican men then arrived and took sides with the whites. The riot began and continued for five days.

Hunting parties were organized; the white/Mexican mob was run like a "military" operation with leaders giving orders to attack or withdraw. They dragged Filipinos from their homes and beat them. They threw Filipinos off the Pajaro River bridge. They ranged up the San Juan road to attack Filipinos at the Storm and Detlefsen ranches; at Riberal’s labor camp, twenty-two Filipinos were dragged out and beaten almost to death. A Chinese apple-dryer that employed Filipinos was demolished; shots were fired into a Filipino home on Ford Street; and 22-year-old Fermin Tobera died after being shot in the heart when he was hiding in a closet with 11 others, trying to avoid the rounds of bullets fired at a bunkhouse in Murphy Ranch in San Juan Road on the 23rd.[11]

The police in Watsonville, led by Sheriff Nick Sinnott, gathered as many Filipinos as they could rescue and guarded them in the City Council’s chamber while Monterey County Sheriff Carl Abbott secured the Pajaro side of the river against further riot.

The mob finally went home on the 25th.


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Oooh good ole Wiki History Boogey men. Whaza Mata can't find no new mean white men that wont let the darkies play?

Pathetic Liberals and their constant Race baiting and whining.

Trump must be the only Politician in the world that lift the Black workers up, and champion their upward mobility without people like me and other Cis Gender Males that self Identifies as the Middle Class, getting bent out of shape, worried we're being racially disenfranchised by the President's race pandering and Cherry picking.

Do you, or can you Understand Why?

Figure that out, you'll then understand why Trump will be around until 2024.
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Tenpoundbass says
Pathetic Liberals and their constant Race baiting and whining.
Whoa, no need to insult anybody. But seriously, you can read anything into these historical events that you want. For me, it's all about jobs first. Citizens don't cotton to lower wage workers taking there jobs.
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I blame it all on NAR.

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