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Trump tells Little Boy Macron and Trudeau to take their Chef Boyardee quick & convenient pasta meals and shove it

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Tariffs and Trump: War of words ahead of G7 summit

Leaders of the G7 group are gathering in Canada for what could be one its most acrimonious summits in years.
On the eve of the meeting, the French and Canadian leaders clashed with US President Donald Trump on the summit's key issue - trade tariffs.

Mr Trump, expected to be the last to arrive and first to leave, has imposed steel and aluminium tariffs that have sparked reprisals from trade partners.
There could also be clashes with Mr Trump over Iran and climate change.

What were the exchanges on the eve of the summit?

It was mainly France and Canada v Donald Trump.
Although much has been made of the bonhomie between the US president and French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, the latter was pulling no punches ahead of the talks.
In a tweet, Mr Macron said if Mr Trump wanted to be isolated, the six other nations would sign their own agreement if need be "because these six countries represent values, they represent an economic market which has the weight of history behind it and which is now a true international force".


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The twerp from Canada and the midget gigolo from France have no chance against The Donald.

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