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The last 10 days have been the worst 10 days ever in history for American Bears

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1. Jobs Report - 92 straight months, longest job expansion ever in history
2. Job Openings data - We have more job openings than unemployed workers
3. Unemployment Claims Data - Unemployment claims vs civilian labor force all time lows
4. Gig Economy data - As a % of the workforce it is smaller

I will never forget this period in time where the Anti American bearish new normal thesis died a horrible death and all lying that was done for years was for not

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I was recently at a Bill Maher show in Vegas, sat right in the front row and with in 20 minutes of the show a fight broke out between a Trump person and a Non Trump person and Bill just ripped into both of them and said what the hell are you fighting about you're sitting in the front row which means you're making money

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